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Benefits of a Life Coach

What is Mind Coaching?
Mind coaching is the practice of training your mind to focus on positive thinking, setting goals to improve all aspects of your life and mapping out the ways to reach your goals.

Do you feel that you could easily be getting more out of life but you don’t quite know what to do or how to go about doing it? Are you stuck in a rut? Job got you down? Relationships don’t work out? Can’t lose weight? Do you just need help “adulating?” Perhaps you should consider Mind Coaching?

Some common ways people can benefit from Mind Coaching are help with:

• Career change
• Managing Stress
• Coping with grief
• Getting into shape and living a healthier lifestyle
• Finding a romantic relationship
• Adjusting your Mind to live more efficiently
• Post-Natal Coping
• Post-Surgery Coping
• Finding your meaning or purpose

The list goes on and on.

What is a Mind Coach?

A Mind Coach is someone who uses specific mind exercises to help you uncover your strengths and remove the blocks preventing you from achieving your desires and goals. Your Mind Coach helps you set goals and then helps design the map to reach those goals.

Mind Coaching was developed by MBX founder Thelis Negron, who drew from her experience as a mental health professional and combined it with her skills as a certified Life Coach and developed a unique mind training technique.

The history of Life Coaching.

The idea of adapting methods of sports coaching to other areas of life can be traced at least back to the 1960’s. A major step was the publication of Timothy Gallwey’s book, The Inner Game of Tennis, in 1974. But many people view Werner Erhard as the grandfather of Life Coaching.
Werner Erhard founded Erhard Seminar Training, or “est.” If you’ve never heard of it, ask your parents. It was a key self-help movement of the 70’s and early 80’s. The seminars lasted two weeks and helped their participants achieve self-actualization. In pop-culture, it is was occasionally mocked as being part of a self-obsessed generation. (In particular, it was satirized in the horror film, The Howling.)
Out of “est” grew Thomas Leonard’s Landmark Education. At first, Leonard was primarily interested in giving business advice. He then became aware that his clients wanted more all-encompassing help and thus he became the first official Life Coach.
“Life Coaching” was still subordinate to business coaching. Over time, business coaches became more and more popular and, with them, so did life coaches. Life coaching became fairly mainstream by the late 90’s/early 2000’s.

What a Mind Coach is not.

Many people find it easier and less confusing to define what a Mind Coach is by defining what it is not.
A Mind Coach is not a mentor. They are similar but mentors usually form long-term relationships in which the two people spend a great deal of time together. (Think of the Jedi in Star Wars.) Mind Coaches are solely there to help you focus on specific, realizable goals.
A Mind Coach is not a therapist. In a more fundamental way, therapists look at your past and focus on your problems, whereas Mind Coaches look at your future and focus on solutions. Therefore, if you are wrestling with a serious issue, such as clinical depression or a mental disorder, then a therapist would be a more appropriate first-step rather than a Mind Coach.
A Mind Coach is not just a business coach. As the name suggests, business coaches only focus on business. A Mind Coach will be able to help you in your professional Mind – but he will be able to help you achieve your personal goals as well.
A Mind Coach is not a sports coach. Although the field does draw a great deal from sports coaching – and Mind coaches can help you with fitness-related issues – you really should contact someone else if all you want is help with your backhand.
A Mind Coach is not a best friend – you probably shouldn’t pay for those. He is not your mother either, although he may suggest that you eat your vegetables.

What a Mind Coach is.

As its name suggests, a Mind Coach uses athletic competition as a metaphor for life. In this scenario, you are the athlete and he (or she) is the coach. Now, the average self-trained person could step onto the court to play tennis against Roger Federer but it is unlikely that he will do very well.
A Mind Coach will help you set your goals. Whatever those goals are is up to you. Your Mind Coach will not tell you that you should be the CEO of a major corporation or that you should be married with two kids in five years. A Mind Coach will work with you to help you decide for yourself what those goals should be.
A Mind Coach will help you to come up with a plan to achieve your goals. If you do want to become the CEO of that corporation, what concrete steps do you take? If your goal is to find someone and settle down, what changes do you have to make in your life to achieve that? What have you been doing that isn’t working? What strategies would be more effective?
A Mind Coach helps motivate you to achieve the goals you set. A good Mind Coach probably won’t constantly nag you to change your life, although there may be a little gentle prodding. He will provide positive encouragement and perspective, much a like a trainer helping you to get in shape at the gym. If you are not working hard enough, or in the right way, he will tell you. Much like a trainer will motivate you to not fall off your diet and quite exercising, a Mind Coach will help keep you from falling away from your goals as well. Mind goals are a process and it takes time; on one’s own it is too easy to lose heart and give up.
A Mind Coach will help you deal with obstacles and setbacks. Life rarely goes according to plan. Someone else got that promotion you were gunning for? Don’t quit your job to play video games. Your Mind Coach will help you to assess the situation and decide upon the next course of action.
A Mind Coach should rub off on you. As you work with someone who helps you take the right steps and make the right decisions, eventually you will grow more and more able to do it for yourself. You will become a more motivated, positive, self-determined person.

Should I hire a Mind Coach?

Only you can answer that question. But there are several factors to consider.
A good candidate for Mind Coaching is someone who wants change, but either doesn’t know what to change and/or how to change it.
Do you feel that there is something lacking in your life? Do you feel that you could be handling things better? Are you unhappy? Or do you simply feel that you are not living up to your potential? This could be in your personal as well as your professional life.

Mind Coaches provide an objective, third-party perspective. You may be wracked with uncertainty about what to do with your Life – or even what is the issue in your life. Being too close to the problem, it is difficult to see it clearly. You could be under so much pressure that you feel there is no solution to your problems – or, that the solution should be easy but you just can’t see it. Friends and relatives may also be too biased or too unqualified to properly help. A good Mind Coach can assess the situation dispassionately. They will consult with you and help you discover your strengths and the areas you need to work on. They will help you to discover what you really want for yourself. Maybe you don’t really want that high-paying job? Maybe what you really need is a job that gives you the freedom to travel? A good Mind Coach will help you find these answers for yourself.

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Thelis Negron
About the author

Thelis is a mental health professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Haverford College, a Mental Health Master’s degree from UMass, certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the top ranked school for personal training, nutrition and physical therapy in the country. Thelis is a certified Life Coach through an ICF accredited institution. She began her personal training career in Hollywood, CA where she worked with a high-end clientele inclusive of celebrities, and was also featured on weight-loss reality shows and workout magazines. She has now been personal training for 13 years and draws from her experience as a mental health professional and combines it with her skills as a certified Life Coach and has developed unique mind training techniques which she has coined “Mind Coaching.” Thelis has lived and traveled all over the world from Europe, to South America, Africa and Asia and has also lived in several major cities in the U.S. including Philadelphia, Manhattan, Los Angeles, and now resides in Montclair, NJ.

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