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Best of Essex 2019 Reader's Choice Names MBX Best Personal Training Studio

Best of Essex 2019 Gold Medal


  • MBX – The Mind & Body Experience, a high-end Montclair personal training studio, has been awarded gold in Suburban Essex Magazine’s Best of Essex 2019 Reader’s Choice
  • MBX is recognized as Best Specialized Fitness Studio just two years after opening in Montclair, New Jersey.
  • This is the first Best of Essex nomination and win for the woman-owned New Jersey personal training studio.

MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY – Suburban Essex Magazine’s “Best of Essex” announced the 2019 nominees at the beginning of July 2019. This contest is open to business owners in New Jersey and seeks to promote quality local businesses throughout Essex county.

Among the nominees was MBX, a woman-owned fitness studio located in Montclair, New Jersey. After launching the studio in 2017, MBX landed its very first “Best of Essex” nomination and win as part of Suburban Essex Magazine’s Annual Reader’s Choice Awards.

The founder of MBX, Thelis Negron, was ecstatic about the award saying, “I have dedicated many years to developing a program that can truly change and improve people’s lives. I am beyond thrilled to be nominated and recognized for all the hard work I’ve poured my heart and soul into!”

While this is the fitness studio’s first win, Thelis is no stranger to success. Over the last 15 years, Thelis has cultivated a successful career as a personal trainer having trained with high-end clientele during her time in Hollywood, California. Thelis has also been featured on weight-loss reality shows and fitness magazines like Shape and Women’s Health.

MBX is best known for its 12 Week Program a revolutionary system developed by Thelis to maximize physical and mental health. Drawing from her unique combination of education, experiences and industry knowledge, Thelis has developed a sophisticated fitness program that is proving popular with Montclair residents.

Thelis was quick to clarify that MBX does not promote “fad diets”. She elaborated that the program is, instead, built to help clients progressively develop a healthier lifestyle that can help them maintain a healthy weight for life. More importantly, Thelis emphasized how the program incorporates mind training techniques that promote mental wellness alongside physical fitness.

MBX and the rest of the Best of Essex 2019 winners are featured in Suburban Essex Magazine’s Winter 2019 issue.


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